Amateurs Need Cash

Models Wanted

WANT TO EARN $500 - $2000?

In this bad economy, with record high unemployment, and credit hard to come by, it's not surprising so many adults are looking for alternative sources of income. Why not earn money while having fun at home?

We offer cute young couples an easy way of making a large sum of money in a short amount of time, so you can quickly pay bills, rent, mortgage, relocate, or whatever you need. Wouldn't it be nice to get paid for something that you're already doing anyway?

Making money off sex tapes isn't just for celebrities. We're looking for real people just like you!

Couples can film themselves alone together in the privacy of their own home, no creepy cameraman or sleazy director, and then send the footage to us whenever they're ready.

After we receive your submission, we will review the content to make sure it follows our simple guidelines. Once approved, we immediately mail you both checks for $1000 each!


If you are interested in making a sex tape for us, please watch some previews first so you can see what material we have approved so far, and how much fun they had filming each other.

You may be surprised that all sorts of people are now making money off their home movies. From preppy to punk, you do not need to look like Ken and Barbie to be accepted here. We like diversity. All hair colors and all skin colors are welcome; typical girl-next-door, or covered in tattoos and piercings. We do not judge based on how big your boobs or dick are.

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